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Socialist Valérie Rabault says he has refused to run for prime minister

Socialist Valérie Rabault says he has refused to run for prime minister

After his re-election, Emmanuel Macron will have to elect a new government. And the latter leader, a prime minister or prime minister because Jean Costex will offer his resignation. The president has reiterated his desire to elect a woman – a promise he has not fulfilled during his last five years in office – and says Valerie Robert has turned down the post.

The Socialist deputy pointed out that he had approached BFMTV this Tuesday for Matignon and rejected the retirement plan because he did not want to turn 65. The plan, condemned on the left, was “contradictory [s]Hopes “, she affirms HuffpostConfirms information from BFM TV.

Elysee denies approaching a partner for Matticknon

“I was elected from a rural constituency and when I look at the small pensions of farmers, I can not defend such a speech,” he told our colleagues. According to BFMTV, Valerie Robert will represent herself in the 1st constituency of Dorn-et-Coron during the legislative elections.

With only Edith Cresson holding the post between 1991 and 1992, the election of a woman head of government would be a welcome development. Elysee, however, denied that he had approached the Socialist representative. Emmanuel Macron’s entourage told the AFP that “the president has not given the prime ministership to anyone.” There is suspense as so many names come around. The only indication: the president announced on April 27 the appointment of “someone who deals with social issues, environmental issues and the issue of production.”