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Socialists, environmentalists and communists will vote with the LFI for a resolution of censure against the government

Socialists, environmentalists and communists will vote with the LFI for a resolution of censure against the government

Can La Nupes withstand the test of the censorship movement? According to information from Le Parisien, the four political forces that make up Nupes will vote on the motion of censure to be submitted to the National Assembly tomorrow at 2:30 pm. “In fact the intercommittee will have a general censure movement”, the leaders of the two parliamentary committees confirmed this Tuesday. This information was publicly confirmed at a press conference on Tuesday afternoon.

The case does not appear to have been successful. On the one hand, the Insoumis initially set themselves apart, thus taking the initiative to mark their opposition to the new government using Article 49 paragraph 2 of the Constitution, whose formation was announced on the same day. They aim to respond to Elizabeth Bourne’s decision not to take the government’s vote of confidence following her public policy speech, which she will deliver to the National Assembly on Wednesday 6 July.

The union is not clear on the left

Will socialists, environmentalists and communists follow? “The decision has not been taken yet. We will discuss it in a committee meeting tomorrow,” we were told again on Monday by the Socialist Party. Then there seemed to be a tinge of reluctance within the parliamentary group. Valérie Rabault, former president of the Socialist Group, said on Monday On the General Senate Personally she was not in favor of it. “You always have to be careful with audit activities,” he cautioned. When they are not passed, in practice, they provide legitimacy to the government. »

This union of the left should give a little more weight to the censure resolution, so that approximately 150 delegates can vote. But the government’s resignation is unlikely to be accepted as it requires an absolute majority in the assembly. “There is every chance that this movement will create Pschit,” comments constitutionalist Dominique Rousseau for Le Parisien. “The rebels will be able to convey the message that they are the first force that really opposes government policy”. Proves.

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This movement is for everyone. Elizabeth Bourne avoids her most dangerous confidence vote. Elected members of the National Assembly can content themselves with not voting for censure, thereby preserving their quest for Republican honors that have begun in the second round of legislative elections. Current situation in the Palais-Bourbon. How much longer remains to be seen.