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Socrates, Granadero and Bava claim compensation for bad faith claims by Espiritu Santo International

José Socrates, Henrique Granadero and Zenal Bava claim compensation for the remaining assets of Espirito Santo International (ESI) – claims for potential bad faith lawsuits filed in the ongoing process in the Lisbon Central Civil Court, where the defendants are suspected The three and five accused, including Ricardo Salgado, of destroying the GES world to the tune of more than 72 million euros.

While challenging that charge, in addition to claiming innocence, the three are asking the court to order the insolvent estate to “pay reimbursement for reimbursement of all costs and to repair all damages caused by this form of litigation,” the defense stressed the request. Former Socialist Prime Minister.

The insolvent estate says that since at least 2007 payments have been made to the defendants in “significant sums” that appeared to be “unwarranted and unwarranted counterparts” to defend the interests of GES, “namely in the strategy outlined by Ricardo Salgado to defend the interests of the group in PT”, But also on the mission of “putting an end to the participation of the PT group in the operating capital of VIVO” – Luxembourgish Mr. Alain Rukavina and Paul Lablom, directors of the insolvent estate and authors of the operation reported that these funds were transferred “in damage to the assets” of ESI and GES Group abroad.

For the directors of the insolvent estate, Granadero and Bava were to be paid “for performing contrary to their professional duties and the interests of the Workers’ Party, in the exercise of leadership positions” and Sicrates, as Prime Minister, had been given funds from the Espírito Santo group “to act according to the strategies he had set out Ricardo Salgado to PT at the expense of the public interest”.

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