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Sofia Aparicio on drug use: ‘I’m a wild animal, it’s helped me be more social’

This Friday, January 27th, Sophia’s appearance was in the show Julia to chat with Julia PineroIt was assumed that he had taken drugs.

I took drugs for fun. I am a bush animal, and this has helped me be more social. I never did a detox because I didn’t need to.”He started by telling the model and actress.

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“I think by saying things outright, it takes on dimensions that weren’t there in reality. But it doesn’t matter, because if it leads to talk about drug use in public, I actually think it’s a positive thing. And I don’t have to prove anything to anyone. I know who I am and I also know who I am (…) When we are more exposed, it takes on other dimensions.He said.

“Hate and prejudice come a lot from ignorance. It’s important that we talk about things. I don’t want people to like me for something I’m not, so I have no problem acknowledging everything I do.”he finished.

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