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Sofia Aruda breaks her silence after controversial remarks: “It’s not a fashion”

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DrAfter he announced it was A victim of sexual harassment while working at a TV station Removed from the channel for several years for rejecting the aggressor’s proposals, Sophia Arruda has been the target of a huge wave of affection on the part of fans and many well-known faces. As a thank you, the artist published, today, Monday, on her Instagram page, an impressive message addressed from the heart to everyone affected by the report.

He started by writing, “There are thousands of messages public and private and I cannot reply to everyone separately. I leave my collective thanks.”

Sophia Arruda also took the opportunity to consolidate her testimony, pleading with other victims of sexual crimes to reveal their stories without fear.

“However, it is impossible not to be indifferent to the echo my statement evoked, about the time I was away from TV. Despite all the support, for which I am deeply grateful, I also know that there are many questions raised and the public wants answers. At the moment, the only thing I can say is that sexual harassment between genders and gays in the audiovisual milieu exists, it’s an unfortunate reality, so everyone who wants to speak here has someone who wants to listen. It’s not a fashion, it’s a door of hope that I hope to open without being purposeful“, is over.

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