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Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum: Seductive ‘friends’

Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum: Seductive ‘friends’

Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum are “friends” and two women in love. On their way to the elevator for another audition for America’s Got Talent, they joke and show off to the camera following them. View the photo gallery and watch the video

Actress, famous for the series “very modern familyin a role Glory, continues to attract a lot of praise on social networks. This time, Sofia Vergara posted this walking video Heidi Klum And of course seduce the camera.

They know they are seductive women, even walking into an elevator. And as expected, Sofia Vergara It was he who led this final “race”. After all, the actress, in addition to being friendly, shows a sense of humor.

In explaining the video, Sophia She wrote “Amigas” and posted the video clip, receiving the highest praise from the followers of her Instagram page.

However, the comments, in addition to highlighting her good figure and revealing that she will now start watching the program, also mention the series that has ended.

In reality, Sofia Vergara She has shied away from TV projects within the scope of A Very Modern Family, however, it is possible to see her on the small screen. However, not in the skin of the character, but with the task of judging the talent show Simon Cowell.

Indeed, there are still days on your social networks, Vergara He posted a photo and wrote in the caption: “Back to the best job in the world.”

This means that very soon you should never again play such an iconic character as Gloria. even because, Vergara She won’t have time for everything, she can’t be everywhere, it’s just that she still has her business to run. As you know, she is a successful entrepreneur in the world of decoration.

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