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Solidarity vaccination: donated food reaches the entities registered with Funss

Solidarity vaccination: donated food reaches the entities registered with Funss

Solidarity vaccination: donated food reaches the entities registered with Funss

Posted on 06/11/2021 at 2:52 pm 2:

Through the non-perishable food donated by the Jundiaí Social Solidarity Fund (Fons), the Assembly of the Church of God – Decision Valley Ministry, located in Vitor Oeste, has been able to consolidate the work already carried out with families in vulnerable situations residing in that area .

According to Chief Reverend Odival Pereira, the religious institution serves, on average, 40 family cores. “The Church, within its means, obtains food baskets and also establishes partnerships with members and members of civil society. However, this virus is causing very complex damage and our demand for service has increased. Therefore, having the support of the Social Fund is essential to ensure a complete panel and the elimination of The starvation of people in difficulty.”

Donations directed to entities with updated registrations reach the Social Fund through the generosity of companies as well as civil society that contributes to the campaign of permanent solidarity. Another very important measure that depends on the cooperation of the population is “solidarity vaccination”, which refers to the donation of vaccination points against COVID-19.

“In order for the Social Fund to be able to regularly assist all entities registered, the population must continue to participate in the ‘Solidarity Vaccination’. It does not matter how much donation was made at the time the dose of the immunizing agent was received. Any assistance is welcome and, above all, necessary in This is a pandemic time,” emphasized the First Lady and President of the Social Fund, Vanessa Machado.

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Donations can be delivered to all COVID-19 vaccination points.

Non-perishable foods arriving through vaccine application sites are sorted, divided into food baskets and then sent to institutions, churches, and neighborhood associations. In addition to the entities, the Social Solidarity Fund supports the work of the Unit for Social Assistance and Development Administration (UGADS), of the Jundiaí municipality, in providing direct assistance to vulnerable families through the Reference Centers for Social Assistance (CRAS).

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On Saturday (12), Jundiaí will implement the application of vaccines against COVID-19, intended for educational professionals, people with permanent severe (PCD) disabilities and pregnant and postpartum women without comorbidities.

Addresses of vaccination points where “Solidarity Vaccination” is provided On the Jundiaí City Council website. Information: (11) 4521-2762, 4521-2929 and 4521-6833

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