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Solidarity Vaccination for Pets Takes Place Tomorrow at PETA, at S.Bernardo – 08/11/2023

Solidarity Vaccination for Pets Takes Place Tomorrow at PETA, at S.Bernardo – 08/11/2023

Tomorrow the Esporte Clube Moraes headquarters will host the Solidarity Vaccination and Pet Advice Campaign. The event takes place from 9 am to 1 pm, at Rua Francisco Torres de Moraes, 19, in the neighborhood of Baita Nevis, in São Bernardo. The initiative provides free pet care and provides, for R$99, immunization with the rabies vaccine as well as the V10 (for dogs) or V4 (for cats) vaccine.

According to Evandro Rosa, a veterinarian, the main goal of the procedure is to reduce cases of tuberculosis. It is an infectious disease. We want to take the campaign to peripheral locations, thus increasing the number of immunized animals,” says the creator of the event.

Symptoms of the disease are initially vomiting, diarrhea, and eye and nose discharge. After the respiratory phase, it can have consequences for the movement of the animal. “It loses movement of its hind legs and disease enters the nervous system, causing mental confusion and the animal may die or need to be euthanized.”

The most susceptible to this disease are animals that have not been vaccinated or that are up to four months old. To prevent a recurrence of cases, immunize with V10 (containing 10 vaccine antigens that protect dogs against 10 different types of viruses and bacteria) and V4 (which ensures the well-being of cats against four types of diseases).

The campaign focuses on cats and dogs. Attendance is made so teachers who only want to take pets in for screening can also participate. Only vaccines are charged, but we intend to make them available for free in the future.”

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Pre-registration to participate in the event can be done via WhatsApp (1196699-4686) or the website ( This step is not mandatory, but it makes it easier to control the number of immunizers taken by the organization. Up to four animals per person will be accommodated.

We will serve any inhabitant, whether from other neighborhoods or from other cities. It doesn’t have to be just Baeta Neves. It is also common for people from nearby locations to participate. On the day, if the guardian can bring the pet’s vaccination card, it helps with the process, but if they don’t have it, we feed it anyway and provide new documents, ”adds Evandro Rosa.

The amounts collected with the vaccination will be returned to the purchase of feed and medicine for pets rescued in street condition.