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Solving a murder mystery after 31 years

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She was found dead in the Antwerp River in Belgium in 1992. For 31 years no one knew who she was. I just went by the name of the woman with the flower tattoo. The murder was brutal and Interpol had absolutely no effect.


until “Identify me” process. It was launched. In May, information was announced about the killing of 22 women, which until now had only been available to the police.

– Now the first so-called cold case has been solved, the British write Watchman.

The woman with the flower tattoo has been identified as Rita Roberts, a 31-year-old British national. Police described her at the time as a woman between 20 and 50 years old. He was found with dark hair and wearing a dark blue and purple T-shirt with “Splinter” and “1990” written on it.

She was wearing blue Adidas track pants — and perhaps most importantly: a black flower tattoo on her arm. A family member recognized the tattoo and contacted Interpol and Belgian authorities via the Operation Identification website

Funny: Family described Rita Roberts as fun-loving and open-hearted.

Rita Robert was 31 when she moved from Cardiff to Antwerp in February 1992. The last time her family heard from her was in May 1992, when she sent them a postcard. The family now went to Antwerp and Roberts was officially identified and a death certificate issued.

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– She wrote: She was brutally murdered Sky News.

The family wrote in a statement that the news now known is “shocking and heartbreaking.”

-Our passionate, fun-loving, open-hearted sister was taken from us in a cruel way. We have no words to express the sadness we felt then, and still feel today.

The family also says it has been difficult over the years to come to terms with what may have happened to Roberts.

– But we are so grateful that we know that now and that Operation ID has given Rita Roberts her identity back. We know she has found peace, the family’s statement continues.

Interpol has now also released a video about Youtube Famous women, such as Dutch actress Carys Anouk van Houten, German journalist Katrin Müller-Hohenstein and Belgian artist Axel Reed, encourage the public to provide information about the identity of these women.

“Don’t let these women forget,” she says.

Because Rita Roberts isn’t the only one on my “Operation Defining Me” list. The other 21 women on the list were found murdered in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands over the past 10 to 40 years. The oldest of these cases dates back to 1976 and is referred to as “The girl in the parking lot”. Police estimated at the time that the deceased was between 13 and 20 years old.

The Girl in the Parking Lot: This is the oldest case

Most of these women died violent deaths, and many were abused and not fed before they died, Dutch police say according to CBS News.

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But despite extensive police investigations, neither the “girl in the parking lot” nor any of the other 20 women were identified.

– In similar cases where we were able to identify the victim, this led on several occasions to the arrest of a suspect, says Anya Allendorf, associated with the German police.

According to Interpol, it is possible that the murdered women were from countries other than the ones in which they were found killed. For some women, Interpol published their photos on the Operation Identification website, and for others, police had to reconstruct the women’s appearance.


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