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Some Google Gemini features are already present in Bard – Apps

Some Google Gemini features are already present in Bard – Apps

The launch of Google Gemini this week brings the potential of multimedia modelingwhere the input information can be video, images, code or audio, understand the context and produce a response to user prompts.

Google says it’s the most powerful generative model for AI and will be available in three models: Ultra, Pro, and Nano. More advanced versions will only be available next year, but it is already possible to take advantage of some features. For now, the mode is still limited, only in text, and in English only.

The Gemini Pro template is integrated into the Bard chatbot and can be accessed via the website at You must have access to a Google account and be signed in, because this cannot be done in anonymous mode.

Bard screen in Portuguese” data-title=”Bard screen in Portuguese – Some of Google’s Gemini features are already in Bard – SAPO Tek”>

In the future The goal is to also integrate multimedia capabilities into Bard, with connectivity to different Google applications, such as Gmail or Youtube, among others.. This is a key differentiator compared to other models, such as ChatGPT, OpenAI’s GPT 4, or Microsoft’s Copilot and Bing.

Google promises to add Gemini to Bard in other languages ​​soon, but without mentioning any dates. The most powerful version of Gemini, Ultra, is supposed to be available in 2024 and everything indicates that it could be used in an “improved” version of Bard, Bard Advanced.

Watch the Google Gemini presentation video

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