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Someone stuck in Kollensvevet - VG

Someone stuck in Kollensvevet – VG

High: Holmennkollsvevet is an attraction in the summer months, when you can ride a zipline down the mighty jumping ledge.

The person was stuck on the zipline at Kollensvevet for more than half an hour before helping him get off.


Managing Director Harald Kippenes confirmed this to VG.

– It’s a very controlled and harmless situation, he says.

Kollensvevet is a zipline that runs from the top of Holmenkollbakken in Oslo.

– what happened?

The levers you use when driving under the Kollensvevet have a magnetic brake system inside. I don’t have a full overview yet, but something is causing the guy on his way to the bottom to stop earlier than planned.

– This is the first time this has happened, he says.

At 11:58, a VG correspondent with the site reported that the person had fallen to the ground again.

I got help

Ida Corneliusen Nordsven (39) in Holmenkollen on Friday to ride the glide.

– I stood in line with a girlfriend and boyfriend. Then I saw two pieces that would float on the floor. On the left, Nordsven says, he stopped abruptly in the middle of the flight.

The person was hanging in the air for about 30 minutes when VG spoke to Nordsveen at 11:30.

According to Nordsven, the person was barely hanging off the edge of the jump, but he is unable to tell exactly that, as it is a bit far away.

Nordsven says she has spoken to staff, who are said to have told her they have equipment to climb the line, but no one now has the skills to do so.

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Corneliussen says the person is certainly in good shape.

After a while, a zipline expert came to the scene, crawled up to the person, and lowered him.

According to the Kollensvevet website, the height difference between the top and bottom is 107.5 meters. The length of the line is 361 meters.

Not the first time

This isn’t the first time Holmenkollen’s gravity has run into problems.

in 2013 The brake cable broke when someone pulled the float in the line. As a result, the woman had less braking power than usual, and at the bottom of the hill there was an abrupt stop.

After the accident, the attraction was closed while investigations were underway.

in 2018 There was another incident where a person got stuck in class for 25 minutes, before coaches finally dropped him to the floor.