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Someone treat me badly ″

Someone treat me badly ″

At 43 years old, the actor is going through a good professional stage. But “Raul,” the evil character who plays in the TV series “Loving Much,” cost him a lot of trouble and arguments.

On the street or on social media, Sergio Praia, 43, has no rest. The character “Raul”, one of the villains in “Loving Too Much,” whose twins, played by Sofia Ribeiro, make a black life, a lot of people offended. Fantasy consequences: The actor has been a target of threats in real life.

“People want to give me a glimpse. They tell me this directly. I’ve never gotten so many messages on Instagram like this time, even though they treat me badly!” , The actor reveals to JN. But Sergio Praia does not stay. “I respond to almost every message. I think my job is for people, and I love interaction. Actually, I went to the TVI page in defense of“ Raul. ”It still raises a lot more! For me, it’s helpful to participate in this argumentative process. The most funny thing is that people saw that there was no reason in his character to do all these evils, “he adds.

With his sinister “violence”, Sergio Praia has lost weight. After Loving Too Much I lost six or seven kilograms, which helped me with my new character. The actor refers to “The Queen and the Bastard”, the medieval series from RTP1. They put me in extensions and I realized my dream of having long hair. I’m Gomez Lawrenco, the king’s right-hand man and little villain in the story. It’s very hard to do, because the bad guy is always a bad person. My character loves killing, but she doesn’t like seeing blood Only she hits the end,

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In the confinement period, closed at home, the actor congratulates himself for preparing for work, unlike other fellow artists, who have faced many difficulties. “The series ended in November and we shut ourselves down at home. There are a lot of people who don’t have work. I stayed in my place, because I was preparing for this project. It didn’t cost me much, because there was money the side I was on got worse when I realized Putting some colleagues down and trying to help those close to me, even if it is moral. This is a tragedy, but we cannot dive into it, we must try to get out. “