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"Sometimes you play a role during training and Jesus insults you, as if he is judging you"

“Sometimes you play a role during training and Jesus insults you, as if he is judging you”

Pedriño, the former Benfica player, says he lacks confidence at FC Luz, and is now playing in Ukraine.

Pedrinho, who is currently working with Shakhtar Donetsk, from Ukraine, recalls in an interview with “Gazeta Esportiva”, the difficult moments he spent at Benfica, where he played last season, without much glare.

“I had a short time at Benfica. The player needs confidence, it could be easier because of the language. The adaptation was quick, but since I had no opportunities, I preferred to look for another one. Here [no Shakhtar Donetsk] There are many Brazilians who help me. “Of course it’s cold, but the adaptation was quick, I had a series of matches and self-confidence,” said the winger.

Then the former Corinthians spoke in detail about Jesus. “Since arriving at Benfica, I have never doubted Jorge Jesus’ technical form, he is very good. But the way people treat him is very important to his performance. Some people cope easier. Some players, with him, end up playing under here,” says the Shakhtar coach. It is essential to enjoy playing, there is pressure not to make mistakes. [Jorge Jesus] He said: “Sometimes you make a play and he offends you, as if he is judging you, and you just want to help. The player is afraid to do it. You think: ‘If you do this, he will already complain.’ There comes a time when you don’t feel comfortable on the court. There are players who feel that and cannot give up.”

Pedriño, 23, played 31 games for Benfica and scored a goal. At Shakhtar, this season, they have made four shots in 19 games.

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