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Son takes responsibility for himself and puts South Korea in its place ::

Son takes responsibility for himself and puts South Korea in its place ::

At Al Janoub Stadium, South Korea qualified for the semi-finals of the Asian Cup, after defeating Australia (1-2)in a clash Not suitable for those with heart. The game is set after the organization period with the main character Asian tigers To resolve the settlement.

In a balanced first half, it was the Australian team that opened the scoring. In the 42nd minute, Craig Goodwin, with an excellent first-time effort, provided the best follow-up to Nathaniel Atkinson's straight-and-square cross.

The formation led by Jurgen Klinsmann did not do that He lowered his arms And he went after the loss. However, the approaches were far from creating a threat to Hyun Woo Joo's goal, as a result of the opponent's excellent defensive cohesion.

However, during the discount period, the South Korean team had the opportunity to do just that goldHeung-Min Son was fouled in the opposite penalty area. Having said that, Hee Chan Hwang was responsible for taking the penalty kick and… he didn't miss it, winning the head-to-head duel with Matthew Ryan.

In extra time, it was Son's turn, the team's biggest star, to take responsibility. After a dead ball, the captain beat the goalkeeper com. soccooos, with flawless execution. Ryan extended the ball, but didn't have time to clear the ball.



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