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Song of the Year 2022: Who is the winner of the competition?

Song of the Year 2022: Who is the winner of the competition?

Thirteen songs were in competition on “The song of the year 2022” which aired from Toulon on TF1 on Saturday evening.

This year’s song is not even half of the 2022 already known. Named after her TF1 During the “Song of the Year 2022” show on Saturday evening, Nicos Alias ​​presented and was recorded the previous day in the presence of nearly 20,000 people in Toulon on Morilon Beach. This year there were thirteen artists in the competition: Jeremy Froreth, Knobs, Yance, Kentzi Jirk, Tag, Mendesa, Juliet Armanet, Angel, Claudio Capio, Keane ‘V, Amir, Sulking and La Sarra. Other out-of-competition artists such as BigFlo & Oli from Toulouse also attended.

This year, TF1 And the producers shortened the list of competing artists. On the radio, a list based on the average number of pieces in the NRJ, independent radio stations or public service. Viewers were able to vote directly during the broadcast. This is because Nikos Aliagos had recorded a queue to deliver the song of the year to each of the applicants, even though it had been recorded the day before.

At the end of the evening, after the public vote was counted, the song of the year returned to the Emir with the title “Retina”.

Aamir took to his Twitter account to take the opportunity to thank the public for their vote and for their “amazing support from the beginning”.

This is the third time Aamir has won the Best Song award this year. He thus equaled the record of Kentji Crock. Last year, the 2021 song was “I’m Going” sung by Florent Bogney and Patrick Fiori.

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During the show, Aamir brought his wife to the stage. Little is expecting the couple’s second child. One Cup + One Baby: 2022 is a great year for Amir!

Punches the audience during the recording

For several months at the discotheque, young women across France have been plagued by strange bites on the body. An event that took place in public during the recording of “Song of the Year” in Doolon. 14 cases have been reported in the courts. “14 people would have complained following the bite. Eleven in Dolan and three in Hires complained,” he pointed out. War-Madin Toulon is the public prosecutor for Samuel Finals. According to our colleagues, two suspects were arrested. They were also in custody Saturday night.