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Sonia Costa accuses Suri of being manipulative and “turning upside down” Edmundo Vieira’s life

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On Monday, May 16, the controversy surrounding Leandro and his ex-wife on “Manhã CM,” was commented on CMTV. Sónia Costa has made unprecedented revelations about Suri Cunha.

Sonia Costa, commentator on CMTV’s “Manhã CM”, has not escaped her criticism of Suri being Leandro’s ex-wife.

The commentator recalled the period when Suri Cunha had an affair with Edmundo Vieira, a former D’ZRT, and accused her of “ruining” the singer’s life:I had the pleasure – or displeasure at the moment – to meet Suri a few years ago as the girlfriend of a great friend of mine, a public figure, and a wonderful singer who turned his life upside down. I watched from a chair“.

After this conversation, the CMTV commentator revealed that Edmundo Vieira did everything to make Sury Cunha fulfill his dream: “It seems to me that Suri wants to appear and She wants to make herself alive with all her might. The person suffered a lot, gave him everything: he gave him work, he founded a company … it was Edmundo Vieira “, open.

In the end, Sónia Costa accused Leandro’s ex-wife of manipulation: “Edmundo gave Suri everything, everything you can imagine (…) Edmundo’s life is turned upside down due to the manipulation of this girl. This girl is a manipulator! “

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