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Sonia Jesus, Big Brother Sem Maquilhagem

Sonia Jesus from “Big Brother” makes a drastic transformation. see before and after

Sonia Jesus, former competitor of TVI’s ‘Big Brother 2020’, has undergone a drastic makeover.

Sonia Jesus decided to make a drastic change on a special day. The before and after photos of the former contestant on TVI’s Big Brother surprised everyone and everything.

Andrea Nieves helped with the transformation process and showed the before and after. “Here are the balls, dear Sonia Jesus. We finally fixed our makeup and makeover and this was the result!He wrote in the caption to the video that you can see below.

Since the beginning, there have been many reactions in the comment box. “But where do you think you’re going? Sonia I still didn’t get there to introduce yourself with this extraordinary make-up“, He said Joanna Denise, who is also a former competitor of reality show from TVI. “Very beautiful beautiful,” “Oh my God… what is this girl?” And “Nusa Senhoura, what a beautiful woman” are other examples.

Turning into a special day

Vito Soares, his teammate Sonia Jesus, completes another birthday today. In this sense, the former competitor of the “Big Brother” decided to devote a beautiful message to her through social networks.

Today my big love is congratulations. I want to start by telling you that you are, and you will always be my best choice! I am proud of you in everything. For the man, friend, father and companion you are. you’re the best in the world. Without a doubt, I could not have chosen a better father for my daughters. You are so protective and in your arms I feel so safe, I am so lovable”, the description of a video reads about several moments in which the young couple lived. (I know everything here)

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