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Sonic Central: All the news from the event

Sonic Central: All the news from the event

The Sega A radio was held on Tuesday (7) to announce news of the franchise sonic the hedgehog. The company talked about the games that have already been announced, as well as revealing brief information. However, the presentation was short-lived and did not bring new games.

Below, you can check out everything that was featured in this version of Sonic Central. The ad trailers are in the video below:

Sonic Origins

SEGA started the show with a New Trailer Already Announced Sonic Originsa collection of classic blue hedgehog games featuring new modes such as Missions, Boss Rush, Mirror Mode and Museum, where artwork and other concept pieces from classic games will be available to fans.

The game includes new versions of sonic the hedgehogAnd the Sonic the Hedgehog 2And the sonic 3 and knuckles And the audio CD. Sonic Origins It will be released on June 23 to Playstation 4And the PlayStation 5And the Xbox OneAnd the Xbox Xbox XAnd the Xbox SAnd the Nintendo Switch And the computer.

Sonic Origins is the next installment in the SEGA franchise. (Photo: Publicity/SEGA)

Sonic Speed ​​Simulator on Roblox

As previously revealed, Sonic got a world he calls his world inside the game Roblox. The new content will arrive on June 11th.

The world of Sonic on Roblox continues to receive content support. (Photo: Playback / SEGA)

Sonic on mobiles

sonic dash And the sonic force You will receive skins based on the second Blue Hedgehog movie, Sonic 2: The Movie. In addition to skins inspired by this feature, Super Shadow will also arrive sonic force. Sir Percival will also be available for sonic dash And the Sonic Dash +.

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Super Shadow will arrive in Sonic Forces in November 2022. (Image: Reproduction/SEGA)

Sonic Prime

SEGA has released a short teaser for Sonic PrimeA new blue hedgehog animation will be shown exclusively on Netflix. However, a production release date has not been announced.

Shadow appears in a quick teaser for Sonic Prime. (Photo: Playback / SEGA)

Sonic Symphony at BGS

Celebrating Sonic’s 30th anniversary, the franchise’s official orchestra will gain new performances around the world. To the delight of the Brazilian fans, there will be a show at the Brasil Game Show 2022. More information will be revealed soon.

BGS will have a presentation by Sonic Orchestra. (Photo: Playback / SEGA)

Sonic skins in Fall Guys

Celebrate for free fall men, Sonic will get a new multiplayer co-op. Sonic and Knuckles skins will return in August 2022, this time with the addition of the Tails skin.

Previously released Sonic and Knuckles skins will return to Fall Guys. Tails will also get an in-game appearance. (Photo: Playback / SEGA)

Vocal Frontiers: An Introduction

Next game from My voice You will get an animation that will serve as an introduction to a story the border. A brief teaser was shown highlighting the Knuckles. The animated short will be released in 2022, before the movie premiere vocal boundarieswhich was determined at the end of the year.

Sonic Frontiers will have part of the story explained in an animated short. (Photo: Playback / SEGA)

* Text by Bruna Penelhas and Igor Pontes