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Sony Aibo: AI robot dog creates personality through human interaction (video)

Sony Aibo: AI robot dog creates personality through human interaction (video)

Attention pet lovers, there's a new pet capable of winning any heart. Sony Aibo Espresso, an artificial intelligence robot dog, has now arrived in the US market and has a very special feature.

All the interactions Aibo has with its “owners” will help build the personality of this little robot, through integrated machine learning technology. For this same reason, the model comes with a three-year cloud service plan that allows you to save all the personality traits you learned in these interactions.

In practical terms, this means that the little robot friend will absorb the user's facial expressions and learn how to make its owner happy.


For this to happen, it requires many interactions with humans. The result is a unique four-legged friend, tailored to each user.

Sony Aibo does all the actions of a real dog

Sony Aibo image in the set

According to information released by Sony, Aibo performs all the actions of a real dog. He has the ability to learn tricks, including sitting and lying down, as well as the ability to toilet train, almost without having to clean, in just one place.

The little friend can also be fed through a dedicated app that supports the 'four legs'. Best: In this app itself, the user can communicate with other Aibos.

As a robot dog, he also has special abilities. It can be trained to sing and dance, in addition to having one eye of each color, at a time, through the feature of single eyes.

Sony Aibo image alone

It should also be noted that the Sony Aibo phone includes a charging base and a ball to play with in its sales package.

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Until now, Sony's robotic dog was only available in Japan, but the Japanese giant allowed this model to cross the border and reach the American market.

Through the brand's official website in North America, it is possible to buy a small Aibo for $2,899.99, or about 3,390 euros. The high cost reflects the “pedigree” of this four-legged mascot.