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Sony anuncia câmera mirroless ZV-E10 voltada para vloggers com lentes intercambiáveis

Sony announces the ZV-E10 Mirroless camera aimed at vloggers with interchangeable lenses

a Sony announced the new mirrorless camera ZV-E10. This model is another addition in the series Alpha cameras And on the basis of a6100 It brings new features and modifications designed specifically for bloggers.

Among these new features is the fully articulated screen, which allows Vlogger Or the camera user sees your photo while recording. the ZV-E10 It has a zoom lever next to the shutter button that can operate the lens’s zoom, with eight speed options to choose from, and digital zoom over other lenses using Clear Image Zoom technology from Sony.

a ZV-E10 count with Exmor CMOS APS-C . Sensor 24.2 Megapixels Image Processor BIONZ X according to Sony, produces a high-quality image with high sensitivity, detailed texture and the most natural bokeh effect (that blur in photo backgrounds). the Camera It also has a background defocus feature, which allows you to restore focus from the background more smoothly, and product display settings to change focus from the face to certain objects that are in front of the user. Speaking of focus, this Camera Features Hybrid Fast AF technology and real-time video eyes with real-time tracking. These features follow the face and eyes of the subject to maintain focus even in the most action-packed scenes.

a ZV-E10 . Camera It can record in 4K and has electronic image stabilization for walking and holding shooting Camera Hand. Lenses from Sony imount ما compatible with this no mirror, allowing the owner to use what best suits the shooting purpose. The sound is picked up by the internal microphone and an external microphone can also be installed. This new model features a headphone jack, allowing the user to monitor audio recordings. the ZV-E10 It can also be used as a webcam and can transfer photos via the Sony Imaging Edge Mobile app.

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a ZV-E10 Pre-ordered for $799.9 on the Sony website.

via: DP review Source: Sony