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Sony explains why it didn't debut on PS Plus

Sony explains why it didn’t debut on PS Plus

Shuhei Yoshida, head of PlayStation’s relationship with independent partners, recently spoke to Games on a number of topics, including the difference between Sony and Microsoft in their approach to their subscription services.

While Microsoft has decided to put all of its in-house releases on launch day on the service, chasing debuts from third-party partners, Sony keeps its big movies out of PlayStation Plus at launch and Yoshida explains why.

As Jim Ryan said recently about the revamp of PlayStation Plus, Yoshida says PlayStation “believes in a premium version of the game” and speaks in cinema-like style.

“Our approach is that we want to help publishers manage the lifecycle of a game. It’s like when you first open a movie in theaters and then go to rent, streaming or streaming.”

“It always brings in new revenue or a larger audience. So, in the same way, we believe in a premium game launch, but after six or twelve months, when game sales are down, inclusion in PS Plus can help those games emerge again.”

Yoshida knows PS Plus’ impact on games like Rocket League and Fall Guys, even acknowledging Stray is an anomaly in its approach, but believes PS Plus should be used to increase interest in the game when DLC is released or a new sequel arrives.

“We encourage publishers to take advantage of these services when managing the lifecycle of their games.”

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