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Sony Pictures • . says

Sony Pictures • . says

Give the success of Free Guy as an example.

Sony Pictures president Josh Greenstein has no doubts that simultaneous debuts on streaming services will have a devastating effect on the film industry.

During CinemaCon’s most recent release, thanks to Deadline, Greenstein was the face of the company to present the first trailer for Spider-Man: No Way Home and, again, the possibility to watch the entire Ghostbusters: Afterlife movie. Before that, he had time for a few words about the current state of the film industry.

“Opening films simultaneously in theaters and at home is devastating to our collective work,” Greenstein said.

“Our films will be shown exclusively in theaters first. Cinemas and the movie viewing experience will triumph. Over the past 19 months, there has been tremendous horror, without underestimating the very real challenges, we at Sony have a vision for the long-term in the film industry” .

Sony Pictures presented Free Guy as an example of a successful theatrical experience, commenting that the Disney movie is very good and available exclusively in theaters.

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