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Soon, ChatGPT will no longer have a mandatory login

Soon, ChatGPT will no longer have a mandatory login

Currently, in Portugal, it is still necessary to create an account (or sign in with your Google, Microsoft, or Apple login) to use ChatGPT, but this will change soon. In some countries, such as the USA, AI no longer requires you to log in to ask questions or provide text prompts.

However, anyone who wishes to continue using ChatGPT will be able to use it through an account, as this type of usage has associated benefits that the “free” version does not have. According to OpenAI, one of the drawbacks of using this AI without logging in relates to the impossibility of recording the conversations we have and the texts generated.

This way, it will be more usable without logging in the sporadic cases where we won't need a logged script for later use. OpenAI also says that the content generated is more limited, though these “limits” are quite vague.

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In statements to the website TechCrunchThe company only says that there will be “specific rules to limit other forms of content that may be inappropriate for a login-free experience.”

However, in this “separate experiment”, as OpenAI calls it, it will be possible to turn off the option that allows ChatGPT to use the conversations it has with users to be “trained”.

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