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Sophia Cheung: - Sophia (33 years old) fell to her death after taking a selfie

Sophia Cheung: – Sophia (33 years old) fell to her death after taking a selfie

Earlier this week, several media outlets reported, including daily MailA 32-year-old influencer from Hong Kong has died, trying to take a selfie next to a waterfall.

It is said that the influencer Sophia Cheung was on a trip near Ha Pak Lai Park with a group of friends when the accident happened. Cheung is said to have slipped and fallen into the water, then witnesses are said to have called emergency services immediately.

The 31-year-old was finally pulled out of the water and taken to Pamela Yode Nethersole East Hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

confirms the story

to me from the inside A hospital spokesperson confirmed Cheung’s death last weekend.

A 32-year-old woman has been confirmed to have been sent to Pamela Youde Nethersole Eastern Hospital, where she was pronounced dead on July 10 at 19:59 HKST, a spokesperson is said to have said.

According to Insider, Cheung has more than 19,000 followers on Instagram, a number that has increased since her fateful story became known.

On her profile, she shared a number of photos from different trips – and apparently she was fond of the outdoors.

touch messages

In her Instagram bio, she listed “Trips, Kayaking, Exploration, Outdoor Activities, Photography” of things she enjoyed doing. I also wrote the following slogan:

“Life should be fun, not stupid.”

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And after her death, she gained, as we mentioned, more followers on Instagram, and the comment fields below her photos are filled with known and unknown messages.

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A user who appears to have had an affair with the influencer left the following comment below her last photo:

“Honey, I thought better days would come when Saturday and Sunday come? I will miss writing with you every day. I will love you forever. Rest in peace, my beautiful Sophie,” it is written.

The caption refers to Cheung’s comment, which was written for the same photo that was shared a week ago.

“The next is more beautiful. They are called: Saturday and Sunday,” the now-deceased influencer wrote.

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