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Sophia is the daughter who gave me life.

Sophia is the daughter who gave me life.

On SIC’s “Casa Feliz” on Wednesday, January 26, the role of the stepmother in the stepchildren’s lives is discussed, and Júlia Pinheiro’s testimony is shown live.

The SIC presenter spoke about her relationship with Sophia, daughter-in-law Roy Bego, and the way she has marked and marked her life:

“I always remember and remember because it is an important life lesson that I was my stepmother before I became a mother. Sophia, the daughter of my godmother, the daughter whom life gave me, came into my lap, when I was 22 years oldshe began to remember, noting that she had learned to be a mother with Sophia.

“I was just – I think – a good stepmother because she taught me”

Julia Pinheiro admitted that, “From the first minute”She was taken over by Hanan Sophia and also highlighted the way she later treated her siblings:

“In addition to being a good daughter, a good daughter became an excellent sister and welcomed her brothers in a wonderful and amazing way. And to this day, I would say she is, in our family, the head of the band. It is she who arranges all the brothers (…) And in the absence of the authority of her mother and father, Sophia is responsible and that too, because she is very well responsible. ”

In the end, Júlia Pinheiro then spoke about the relationship between the two, and emphasized “Great respect” via:

“Sofia never called me my mom, when she wanted to play she called me ‘motherdrasta’, but when she wanted to refer to the set of fathers, she always said her daddy and I’m her parents. Sophia calls me Joe and in her Joe is all the love in the world. For that, I thank you.”

Watch the moment here, at 10:35.

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From her 36-year marriage to Rui Bigot, Julia Pinheiro and her husband were parents to Rui Maria Bigot, 33, and twins Carolina and Matilde, 28.