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Sophie Debbie was outraged by a particular film about her father on DBMP: "If I had known, I wouldn't have come"

Sophie Debbie was outraged by a particular film about her father on DBMP: “If I had known, I wouldn’t have come”

Sophie Debbie, singer and daughter of Bernard Tobby, was invited to the Dutch Plateau, which was not in my post on Tuesday, September 28, C8. On the menu of Cyril Hanuna’s show, a documentary about his father’s life. The young woman was annoyed at the mention of this picture.

Sophie Debbie came to talk about her last album “1988”, but the singer could not miss the questions surrounding her father Bernard Debbie. “In the Hearts of the French: Bernard Debbie, the Warrior” is the title of the entrepreneur’s documentary to air on C8 this Wednesday. From our colleagues Figaro, This film traces the journey of man and looks back on his journey against cancer.

“I’m so embarrassed”

Many juices were aired, which did not seem to please her daughter. “I’m so embarrassed, I don’t think it will be […] I’m so comfortable, “Sophie Dabby said of the documentary after the settlement. “

This delay of the composer was not enough to convince the singer that he felt trapped. “I really came to talk about music. I feel a little honest. I don’t think anyone would impose these pictures on me. If I had known, I would not have come,” she teased. After some tense exchanges with the dolphin weasel, the atmosphere in the set turned quiet … temporarily. At the end of the last question, the 33-year-old singer closed abruptly before answering briefly.

If he had been a “friend” as he claims to be with the Toby family, Cyril Hanauna would not have spoken ill of Sophie Tobby at this end. #TPMP. She sends you in roses instead of cracking, wanting to push someone straight and frustrated.

– Julian Pernici (JulienPernici) September 28, 2021

“At one point, well, I was fine.”

The situation where he got an update from Cyril Hanuna. “I’m so glad I got you, but if you’re not happy to be there you can go to my Sophie […] At one point, well, I was fine, I love you so much, I was always fine with your family. I really like Bernard Debbie, but you have to have respect for our audience, for the team here and for me, ”he said.

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