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Sorocaba records five new cases of Covid-19 on Sunday

Sorocaba records five new cases of Covid-19 on Sunday

Sorocaba received a notification of five new cases of Covid-19 on Sunday (10), according to the Epidemiological Bulletin of the Ministry of Health (SES). With the confirmations, the total number of people infected with the new coronavirus has risen from 85,370 to 85,375 in the city. Additionally, within 24 hours, 12 more people recovered from Covid-19 and the city’s total number of recoveries reached 82,494. The number of deaths with confirmed disease remained at 2,829. According to the SES, the city’s death rate is 3.3%, below the state rate, which is 3.4%, and above the national average, which is 2.8%.

Of the total number of confirmed cases in Sorocaba, 18 have been hospitalized, and eight are in the intensive care unit (ICU). Another 42 people are recovering from Covid-19 in home isolation in the city. There has been an increase in the number of people suspected of having coronavirus in the city, from 165 to 201. They are all waiting for test results. Of the suspects, eight have been taken to hospitals in the city, two in the intensive care unit. There are no deaths under investigation. The number of neglected people due to negative results of the disease increased to 165,772.

covid household occupancy rate

In the daily Covid-19 family census this Sunday (10), at Adib Jatene State Hospital, 20 Covid ICU (intensive care unit) beds were filled at 15%. Another statewide hospital, Conjunto Hospitalar de Sorocaba (CHS), has three Covid-19 beds and three are occupied. Covid’s only infant intensive care unit bed without a patient. Of the ten Covid ICU beds available in this hospital, eight are occupied.

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Among the hospitals contracted by the municipality of Sorocaba to provide Covid beds, Santa Casa has 23.80% occupancy in Covid beds. In other words, of the 21 existing cases, five are patients. The occupancy of the Covid ICU in Santa Casa is 7.5%, which is three occupied beds out of the 40 that are rented. Of the six GPACI Covid clinical beds, one is occupied.

private network

In the private network, Unimed Hospital has an adult Covid clinical bed occupying 20 agreed beds and 6.66% of those in the intensive care unit (one occupied of 15 existing beds). The only infant bed in the Covid intensive care unit in this hospital is not occupied. Samaritano has an occupied Covid clinical bed out of a total of 10 existing. Already, the ICU Covid has four occupied beds out of the ten available. Of the two intensive care beds of two children with Covid, none have been filled. The Evangelical Hospital has one occupied Covid intensive care unit bed out of the agreed ten beds and none of the agreed ten beds is occupied. Amhaid Hospital has 13 approved Covid beds and none of them are occupied. The intensive care unit of the same hospital has two occupied beds out of a total of seven.

Awareness and fight against Covid-19

The Ministry of Health stresses that awareness of the population about preventive measures to combat Covid-19 is essential. Thus, the volume highlights the need for people to continue to use an alcohol mask and gel and to maintain social distance.

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