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Sorry about "business"?  Upon just arriving on TVI, Rúben Pacheco Correia complains he's sick - nationalist

Sorry about “business”? Upon just arriving on TVI, Rúben Pacheco Correia complains he’s sick – nationalist

Rben Pacheco Correia left SIC to go to TVI about a month and a half ago. The Azorean cook accepted Christina Ferreira’s invitation He gave up the partnership with “Casa” by Joao Payao and Diana Chavez It seems that he is no longer “happy”. Now it is a frequent post In the Cristina Ferreira program “Cristina ComVida”.

The change of the young Azurian cook ran a lot of paint. “I have not betrayed anyone, I have not sold myself. I followed my intuition. People don’t always understand the changes. Our people say, “May God help him who has changed.” I believe in this very much. But it is normal thatSIC Sabah sincere audience was surprised by my decisionHe justified this at the time in an interview with the media.

Rubin also left some criticisms of the former “president”:I feel a little disappointed by Daniel Oliveira, Who I also like and who treated me really well during this time I was at SIC. On that call that I made to you, I felt ignored. There was no attempt for me to surviveRegret at the time.

But not everything is perfect at Queluz de Baixo. And the The main problem seems to be what you get at the end of the month. Cook complains about little gain and

Says What you get on TVI only gives you the clothes that you take to the Cristina Ferreira program And a little more. “If they knew how much I earn on TV, I think they really tried to help me. What I get is practically the clothes that I have to wear on TV, I can’t always go with them and have to always buy them, ”he said in an interview with” Notícias ao Minuto “.

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Money matters to this young entrepreneur, even if he refuses to accuse him of seeking “fate.” “They are the people who challenge me, I am not behind. I make things happen in my life. I have my business and of course I want to make money from it“, He justified.

“Things were happening naturally. I think anyone would have two fingers on their forehead Chances are when they appear to accept it“He completed.