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Soulmates exist according to science

Soulmates exist according to science

Goethe called them optional links, and in this particular link he even wrote one of his most famous and commonly talked about novels. Soul mate. In romantic love we mean that special bond between two persons who find fulfillment and meaning in each other, in short, their complete perfection. We believe that choosing who will be our partner is based on instinct, and recent studies have shown that in reality Soulmates are not abstract concepts, but they also exist for science.

As explained before Washington Post Psychiatrist Amir Levin, co-author of the book “Attachment: The new science of adult bonding and how it can help you find and keep loveScientists have identified a neural circuit that allows humans to do this Determine a place in the crowd, raise it above all others, and live with them for the rest of their lives.. “The cool thing to me is that we are all unique – explains the doctor -. Our DNA is unique. Our faces are unique. Our brains are unique. However, we all have the neural circuits in the brain to see someone more unique than anyone else. What’s going on? When we make someone special? That way, you become more valuable than others.”

He continues: The million-dollar question: How does the spark happen and why are we attracted to some people and not others? The laws of attraction are not fully understood.” According to some psychological theories of Freudian inspiration, we are looking for something in the other that is in some way reminiscent of our parents, but from a stricter pharmacological perspective. Lots of closeness on the horizon and smell. As with animals – Levine gives an example of a monogamous rodent – Body odor is an essential component of a human’s approach and interaction, as well as one aspect that can help keep a relationship alive.. Research has shown that when they look at someone and curse them, that person begins to exist and understand us as well.

Biologically, close friendships also fall into this type of bond.. “People who become close friends often have a direct affinity with each other. We know that close friends have similar brain patterns.” This year, a study was published in Sciences She found that “close friends smell more like people who haven’t formed close relationships.” This relationship also remains strong in our brain’s olfactory memory. This explains why It takes a long time for us to forget someone we are attached to and heal from the pain of love, whether it is the end of a story or grief..

Twin souls exist
For science, love does not know age because the olfactory memory we keep for our partner is very important.

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Fortunately, our “sixth sense”, if we want to call it, allows us to replicate a similar bond with other people, which is why biologically, We can have more than one soul mate in our lives, regardless of age.. Adds the psychiatrist who invites him to look around to confirm: “Some people think that there is only one soul mate in our life. But it prevents you from thinking that you can find another person after a breakup and be happy.” There seem to be many completely different couples, even by date of birth, but they are so similar that we really hope they will always be love. Emphasis this time comes from science.

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