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Sound the alarm after this

Sound the alarm after this

Flavian Carvalho works at Mrs. Potato’s restaurant in Orlando. When a family of three came over to eat, I noticed a number of things that made her react.

When Carvalho’s suspicions were confirmed, she had to act quickly.

So the waiter wrote a “secret” note, which would later prove to be saving the life of an 11-year-old boy, according to the local Orlando Sentinel.

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A normal work day had begun for Carvalho, until a family of three came to eat.

The family sat at a table and ordered something to eat. When Carvalho saw that her son had eaten nothing, she realized that something was wrong.

In the end, I also noticed that the boy had several cuts and bruises on his arms. She realized she had to do something.

Carvalho stood some distance behind his parents and raised a sheet to the 11-year-old.

The note read, “Do you need help?”

The boy nodded his head.

Rose: Carvalho got a lot of acclaim for being fast.  Photo: GoFundMe

Rose: Carvalho got a lot of acclaim for being fast. Photo: GoFundMe
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can die

After realizing that the 11-year-old needed help, Carvalho called 911.

The waiter told the police that the boy appeared to have been subjected to violence.

Investigators eventually revealed that the child had been subjected to horrific torture and abuse at the hands of his stepfather – including being hung upside down from a door and handcuffed for several hours.

“We may have talked about a possible murder investigation if Carvalho had not intervened when she did,” Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rollon said.

On Monday, the stepfather was convicted of gross child abuse and neglect. Sentencing will begin on August 19.

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