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"Sounds disgusting": After the insult, the verb responds to the message!

“Sounds disgusting”: After the insult, the verb responds to the message!

Singer Agger could not remain indifferent to an offensive message and decided to share a vent using Instagram.

through Instagram, employee Decide to expose an abusive message about an appearance Cantor, 33 years.

“Honestly, without wanting to be malicious, Bernardo Carvalho Costa’s appearance is, to say the least, disgusting. He looks horrible. It is understood that he is not satisfied with his body and appearance and resorts to tattoos and drugs,” Agger was quoted as saying: “But he sets an example. Bad for the young men who follow him, he should help him urgently. All the signs of an internally disturbed person are there.”

In response, the artist began to highlight the “bias and stereotypes” associated with this type of opinion: “It combines a mental health problem with tattoos and drugs. As if someone, when they have mental health problems, automatically wants to get tattoos and of course “Gives” to drugs. I actually went through a much crazier bohemian phase as a teenager, and oddly enough, I didn’t have a single tattoo at the time. At the age of twenty, I gave up on this crazy life, because – nothing too serious – I had what I had Those who exaggerate it a little: anxiety and panic attacks.”

“Since that time, I have not touched a cigarette, or a glass of alcohol, or a piece of meat, absolutely nothing. This is irrelevant, but it is strange that while I live like this, and commit some transgression, I will have the image that This person thinks he’s normal. Maybe, if he saw me on the street, he might think I’d be healthy, because I only started getting tattoos when I was 22, 23,” he added.

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Once again, Agir emphasized that having tattoos shouldn’t necessarily be associated with a life of mental health issues or excess: “I think we all have tattoos or at least have a friend in the group who has tattoos. We know tattoos are not synonymous with ‘donating’ drugs – that’s Not that it can’t happen, everyone will know about themselves. But the most dangerous part of this is the mental health part. I don’t think about mental health if we play and we can’t relate mental health to things like tattoos and the like.”

At the end of the outburst, Agger confirmed that he feels good about himself and the tattoo the singer had drawn. “You should feel good on your skin, with or without tattoos,” he concluded.

Watch now the video of the Agir spree