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Source Sort

Steve Syme, 38, from East London, found something quite unusual in a rubbish bin at a train station in Romford, England.

As Simi was walking along the sidewalk to throw some trash after a night on the town, he noticed something big and tall coming out of the trash can.

Simi laughed when he saw what was – a large, double-sided prosthesis sticking out from the tip.

Big discovery: a double-sided dildo was found in a rubbish bin in London. Photo: Jam Press
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– I pointed to my partner, and showed the picture to the staff at the station who at first thought it was a joke, he told Jam Press.

He stated that there were many who laughed and took pictures.

without thread: Here, participants are ready for the famous nudist race at Roskilde Festival. The Dagbladet reporter also took off his clothes in solidarity with the participants. Video: Christian Rieder Nielsen / Dagbladet
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went viral

Simi shared the photo of the dildo on her Twitter account with the text:

– I got off the train after a few beers, and that was dumped at Romford train station.

And he streamed with comments on the post, which went live on April 15.

Twitter user comments:

– It’s not cheap. Put it in a plastic bag and wash it when you get home.

Another user writes:

– It’s recyclable, isn’t it?

Shortly after Simi showed a picture of a dildo to employees at a train station, it was removed.

may be harmful

Dagbladet contacted Director of Communications Camilla Delbeek of Romerike Avfallsforedling (ROAF). She works every day to let people know about source sorting.

– If people throw sex toys into the remaining waste, this is wrong, and problems may arise. Small electronic waste is EE waste.

according to Norwegian Recycling Is EE waste which stands for electrical, electronic, and all products that use electricity.

Dildo shock: Fisherman Ariel Svendland was surprised by his catch in the Fedafjord. In the spinning was a dildo. Video: Lars Frosland / Avison Agdir
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Delbekk states that these products must be sorted from the source.

– This is because it contains toxins harmful to the environment, including mercury. She says and continues:

It can happen with us because we use big machines to deal with the waste left in the factory. Then a fire may happen in our sorting plant.

can be returned

Delbekk says that everyone who sells EE products and batteries is required to have their own return schemes. It’s also free to pick up at recycling stations.

– If the sex toy contains batteries, they can be returned to stores that sell sex toys, she said.

Dagbladet does not know if the penis prosthesis found in England was battery operated.

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