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South Australia and Rotterdam Port sign Memorandum of Understanding for Export of Green Hydrogen

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The Government of South Australia And this Port of the Rotterdam Authority Signed a memorandum of understanding to explore the possibility of exporting green hydrogen produced in that Australian state to that European port.

About 60% of production in South Australia comes from wind and solar, with the goal of achieving 100% renewable energy by 2030, while Rotterdam is developing plans to become a major hydrogen import hub to supply renewable energy to northwestern Europe.

“We launched the Hydrogen Action Plan in 2019 with the vision of becoming a world-class renewable hydrogen supplier,” he said. Stephen Patterson, Minister of Commerce and Investment of South Australia.

Alard Castellin, Managing Director, Port of Rotterdam; He added, “Shipping distance is only a small part of the total hydrogen costs, most of which are in production, liquefaction and storage. This means that local conditions, such as the amount of sun and wind in South Australia, could make this hydrogen more competitive in the European market. ”

It has raised about $ 15 million in support of South Australia-led green hydrogen production projects Way en Donsley, H2U Kaldana and Neon In the north middle of the state.

The Rotterdam Port It is conducting similar feasibility studies related to hydrogen production and shipping with several countries including Iceland, Portugal, Morocco, Uruguay, Chile and the Middle East.

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