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Imagem de: South Park vai ganhar um novo jogo pelo estúdio de The Magic Circle

South Park gets a new game from The Magic Circle

Q, a developer best known for projects like magic circle and The Blackout Club, about working on a new game based on the South Park universe.

Unfortunately, advertising is more of a business offer than a great one. game reveal, so there is nothing to expect from the title. The tweet simply reads: “Question is now looking for a Master Level Designer to work on a new video game set in the South Park universe.”

South Park’s latest foray into the world of PC and console games has been South Park: The Break but the Whole, sequel to South Park: Stick of Truth. Both games are produced by Ubisoft, with the second being developed by Ubisoft San Francisco.

It’s now hard to imagine that the developer will have any role in this new game by way of question, opening up speculation that the series’ creators – Trey Parker and Matt Stone – want to take the world of South Park in a new form.

We want to hear from voxel readers. What look do you think would work well with South Park’s irreverent humor and unique art style? The question may have been asked about the way it works with linguistic sense of humor in magic circle, so it’s worth checking out their game to find out more about what to expect.