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SP appoints David Uip as Minister of Science, Research and Development in Health

SP appoints David Uip as Minister of Science, Research and Development in Health

An infectious disease doctor will integrate epidemiological surveillance, research, education, and production of new vaccines and drugs

This Thursday (12) Governor Rodrigo Garcia appointed infection scientist David Yoep as Minister of Science, Research and Development for Health. He will be responsible for the integration of epidemiological surveillance, assistance, research, education, and production of new vaccines and drugs to combat infectious diseases. The decree will be published with the appointment on Friday (13) in the Official Gazette of the State.

“Today is a special day in São Paulo. It is the day that I announce the entry of our new Foreign Minister Dr. David Uip. On behalf of the population, I thank Dr. David Uip for the voluntary cooperation he provided to the residents of São Paulo in initiating, coordinating and establishing the emergency center at the beginning of the Covid pandemic period. -19. Based on this experience and life story, I invited him so that he could join our São Paulo government team as the new Minister of Foreign Affairs,” said Rodrigo Garcia.

With the appointment of David Uip, the government of São Paulo will have an interface between the institutions that work in research, innovation, forecasting of new epidemics and epidemics, in structuring to respond to them, and in decision-making.

Among the features are the integration of the work and projects of the Institute of Butantan, Institute of Health, University of the South Pacific (São Paulo unit), UNICAM (Campinas unit), UNISP (Universidad Estadual Paulista), UNISPACE (Virtual University of Paulista State São Paulo), Famima (Faculty of Medicine in Marilia), SIMI (Intelligent Information and Monitoring System), Fundação Seade (State System Institution for Data Analysis), IDEA-GOV (Innovation Center of the Government of São Paulo), FURP (Fundação) for Folk Therapy), FUNCET (Scientific and Technological Development Fund) , IPT (Institute for Research Technology), FAPESP (São Paulo State Research Support Foundation) and FAMERP (San José do Rio Preto School of Medicine).

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The Scientific Committee, which advised on the decisions taken by the Government of São Paulo during the COVID-19 pandemic, has also been incorporated into the new structure, and will be expanded, with the aim of developing public policies on epidemiological and sanitary surveillance in the event. With this new structure, it will be possible to align monitoring and assistance protocols, prospecting for new vaccines, drug production and partnership with other institutions in research and education – public and private.

“We will have a strategic network of health solutions that will allow the improvement of institutions of recognized excellence, which are currently operating in isolation and without a single coordination against epidemiology, epidemiology and infectious disease control. This will make it possible to provide high-performance surveillance, allied with a network of research and public health laboratories, education and the production of medicines and vaccines that provide for the dissemination of best practices. David Yoeb declared that science and practice come together for the benefit of the population.”

He stresses that the new structure of the government of São Paulo will promote the reorganization of the bodies that already play an important role in the fight against epidemics and epidemics, which will enable them to strengthen their actions and deepen their capabilities.

According to Uip, connecting Butantan with this new form will allow for solutions in epidemiological surveillance and laboratory diagnostics in public and private health, municipal support, and support for research and teaching in the field of epidemic control.


David Uip graduated from ABC College of Medicine (currently FMABC University Center), in Santo Andrés, with a major – MSc and PhD – in Infectious and Parasitic Diseases from Hospital das Clínicas affiliated with the University of the South Pacific School of Medicine. He is also a professor at FMUSP.

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He was Director of Casa da Aids at HCFMUSP, Executive Director of Incor (Instituto do Coração), Technical Director of the Emílio Ribas Institute of Infectious Diseases and Minister of State for Health. To take over the new secretariat, Uip is temporarily leaving the position of dean of the ABC University Medical Center.