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SP invites the target audience for the final extension of influenza vaccination

SP invites the target audience for the final extension of influenza vaccination

With vaccination coverage below 62%, the state of São Paulo invites all residents representing the target audience to attend health centers for influenza vaccination. The campaign ends on July 9, and of those named, only the natives are fully immunized.

To reduce agglomerations in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, the timeline has been divided into three phases, but even those who were called in earlier can get vaccinated now. This is the third and final phase of the campaign and started on June 9. The group at this point includes 5.1 million people, but as of the 29th day, only 651,000 have been vaccinated.

In the third stage, persons with comorbidities and those with disabilities were invited; truck drivers; port workers and public transport; Armed forces, security and rescue professionals, and prison system officials; Population deprived of liberty, youth and adolescents under socio-educational measures.


The first phase of influenza vaccination began on April 12. The following categories were named: children, pregnant women, health professionals, postpartum women, and indigenous people. A total of 5.5 million people, but only 3.1 million joined the campaign.

In the first group, the group with the most immunization coverage was children with 61.7%, followed by mothers with 59.9%. Among health professionals, membership, to date, is 52.5% of the 815.2 thousand contacted. Only 51.7% of pregnant women out of a total of 226.1 thousand in the state went to vaccination centers. All 6,500 indigenous people were reached through the campaign.

The second phase, which began on May 11, included 7.8 million people, but only 4 million attended health centers. Even among the elderly, who tend to be more involved in influenza vaccination, 3.7 million doses have been applied, with vaccination coverage of 51.7%. Among teachers, coverage to date is 50.7%.

Last year, Sao Paulo had 809 cases of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SRAG) related to the influenza virus and 119 deaths.

covid-19 and healthcare

Persons who are the target audience of the influenza campaign and who are also invited to vaccinate with covid-19 should pay attention to the 14-day interval between doses of immunizing agents.

The Ministry of Health in São Paulo suggests that if there is an interest in splitting the schedule, where the COVID-19 vaccine is given in two doses, it is possible to receive the first dose, take the flu 14 days later and then wait again. At least 14 days to receive the second dose of the immunizing agent against the emerging corona virus.

The government of São Paulo advises to follow all prevention protocols, through organized vaccination rooms, without crowding, and to ensure the distance between tables, professionals and patients, as well as the availability of alcohol gel. The influenza vaccination must be done separately from the coronavirus vaccination.

Professionals have also been instructed, according to the secretariat, to examine patients with respiratory symptoms such as coughing, runny nose and shortness of breath. Anyone with a cough or runny nose can be vaccinated and should seek the health service immediately, but anyone with a fever or poor general condition, application will be rescheduled after recovery.

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