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SP state has three times more deaths from dengue in 2022

SP state has three times more deaths from dengue in 2022

Sao Paulo – nation Sao Paulo Already recorded three times more deaths from dengue fever than in 2021. By the end of October, 274 people had died from the disease. In the same period last year, the cities of São Paulo lost 62 patients with this disease personified🇧🇷

The number of infections transmitted by Aedes aegypti increased by 128%. By the end of October 2021, the state health department had received 139,200 disease notifications. This year, 317,900 cases of dengue have already been reported.

This scenario becomes more worrisome towards the end of the year, a period when there is usually more heat and rain that favors the breeding of disease-transmitting mosquito larvae.

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Dengue, Zika, and Chikungunya

Last Friday (11/11), the government of São Paulo announced R$46.5 million to fight dengue and another R$46.5 million to fight dengue. Expansion of vaccination Against COVID-19, measles and polio.

The resource will be allocated to the contingency plan for the prevention and control of the spread of dengue fever, Zika virus and chikungunya. The measures will be implemented by city councils with technical support from the state government.

emergency plan

The program’s priority is to ramp up home visits to properties to eliminate existing breeding sites – such as open water tanks, tyres, rubbish, cans and items that accumulate water. Environmental spraying is also planned to eliminate infected insects.

“The end of the year is the time when the infection of the Aedes aegypti mosquito increases. So, this is the perfect moment to implement preventive measures,” said the director of the Epidemiological Surveillance Center, Tatiana Lang.

The Minister of Health recommends that recycled materials be stored in closed bags and in covered places. Plants should be kept without small dishes or potted close to the pot so that the liquid does not accumulate.

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