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SpaceX satellite internet is getting cheaper in Portugal

SpaceX satellite internet is getting cheaper in Portugal

Elon Musk’s SpaceX has been offering satellite internet to our country for quite some time now. Starlink is expensive, and once here, we’ve got chance to test its potential.

Now, the company has just announced a price drop that makes the internet service more interesting.

At the beginning of 2021, SpaceX opened to Portugal access to the Starlink service, which guarantees a connection to the Internet via satellite, with high-quality network coverage even in remote areas.

This service launched at €99 per month plus the set of devices for €499. began to arrive For customers in early October.

Starlink Residential is cheaper

The company has now announced lower monthly fees and the same large hardware range. New customers will be able to access the service for 65 euros per month and the one-time devices cost 350 euros. Also, for 15 euros, customers can move Starlink to new locations on their continent. mayo See coverage areas hereThe.

In fact, this Global price reduction, to access all countries where Starlink Residential is available. However, there is no indication whether this price cut will be followed by adjustments in terms of speed or data consumption.

Remember that Starlink also has plans available for companies, caravans and the Marítima service for those traveling at sea.

The caravan service is available for 80 euros, and the device costs 350 euros for one time. The other two are not yet available to Portuguese consumers.