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Voo da SpaceX reunirá quatros tripulantes civis pela 1ª vez e decola hoje, 21h

SpaceX’s flight will bring together four civilian crew members for the first time and take off today, 21:00

In recent months, the whole world has followed, with great interest, the unveiling of two initiatives Commercial flights into space. Virgin Galactic by billionaire Richard Branson and Blue Origin by another billionaire, Jeff Bezos. All of these trips took place in July and within a week of each other. This Wednesday, the 15th, at 9 pm, SpaceX It will send four people into space on a three-day mission.

The task is named Inspiration 4 Sponsored by a billionaire (with value not disclosed) Jared Askman, who is the creator of this flight and founder of e-commerce company Shift4 Payments, being the first person on this spaceflight. Below, the video from the live broadcast. And then, more about the other space tourists and the mission objective.

The other three nationals were selected (with tickets paid by Isaac) she was: Hayley Arsino, 29, a childhood bone cancer survivor. Chris Sembrowski, 42, a former US Air Force veteran, and Sian Proctor, 51 years old science teacher. All with inspirational origins and representing humanity in general. The three are – sorry to repeat – the inspiration for the mission’s name: Inspiration 4 (Inspiration in English).

a Expedition It has a purpose: fundraising for the benefit of St. Jude Children’s Research HospitalIt is the same hospital where one of the crew members is Arceneaux He works and received his knee joint and artificial bone during treatment of bone cancer, which is a specialty St. Jude. Isaac He also wants to expand information about the disease.

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Each crew member represents a pillar: Arceneaux It is hope. Simbrowski, who won the seat in Dragon Crew Flexibility By participating in a fundraiser for the hospital, it represents generosity. Proctor It is the pillar of prosperity. In 2009 she missed the opportunity to become an astronaut NASA. IsaacThe sponsor represents the pillar of leadership.

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