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Spain has become a center for printing €10 banknotes in the eurozone

Spain has become a center for printing €10 banknotes in the eurozone

The neighboring country will, in 2024, guarantee the production of banknotes in this amount for the entire euro area, from the Madrid factory of the public company IMBISA.

Spain will start producing all 10-euro banknotes and part of the 5-euro banknotes for the entire euro area during 2024, the European Central Bank has decided. Production will be carried out by the public company IMBISA at its factory in Madrid.

According to the Efe news agency, which relies on data shared by the European Central Bank, there will be a total of 424.2 million euro 10 banknotes that the Bank of Spain will have to guarantee, representing an amount of 4,241.5 million euros.

In partnership with the Bank of Greece (the main monetary authority of the Greek state), the Central Bank of Spain will work to ensure the production of 313.8 million five-euro banknotes needed by the European organization for the current fiscal year.

According to sources in the institution, reported by the press in the neighboring country, “The Bank of Spain is responsible for providing 12% of the total need for new banknotes.”

It was also detailed that in Spain a total of 1,538.4 million 50 banknotes, 564.9 million 20 banknotes, 527.5 million 100 banknotes, and 164.2 million 200 banknotes will be printed.

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