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Spain: – Nudist Fury

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The paradise of the Costa Brava in Spain is now under a wave of turmoil and conflict, as nudists sound the alarm about the lack of respect for their nude culture.

During a period of 50 years, Spanish nudists had the tradition of their own sanctuary, where they could bask in the warmth of the sun without any strings on their bodies.

But now more and more people are being harassed by tourists who settle on the beaches in bikinis and speedos.

– Before, people who came to the beach either undressed or went. Now they’re sitting there in their swimsuits, and we get really uncomfortable. It borders on disrespect.

Nudist and spokesperson for the Spanish region of Catalonia, Sigimón Rovira, says so Watchmanwho mentioned the situation first.

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“Textile Invasion”

There are approximately 50 other nudist beaches also open to the public along the Costa Brava. Thus formerly nudists were able to enjoy sunny days without any disturbances.

Now that peaceful atmosphere is threatened by what nudists call a “textile invasion.”

They therefore felt obligated to send a letter of complaint to the Catalan government asking to be heard.

The complaint focuses on alleged “discrimination” that nudists believe they experience on the area’s beaches.

Here Vedum takes flood action

Here Vedum takes flood action

Harassment of women

The main reason for this turbulent development is that nude trends were previously semi-secret. Now, however, it is being exposed by bloggers, among others, who refer to the stands as weird social media attractions.

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The problem is that the new visitors seem less interested in nudist culture, according to the spokesperson.

– Unfortunately, women are usually stared at or harassed more, Rovira tells the newspaper.

The nudists hope their grievances will lead to change so they can enjoy sunny days in peace.

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