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Spanish broadcaster says Mourinho deceived him.  "a liar"

Spanish broadcaster says Mourinho deceived him. “a liar”

a The latest broadcast of “El Hormiguero” from Antena 3 became a hot topic in Spain after the coordinating presenter, Pablo Motos, said on air that Jose Mourinho was a “liar”.

Welcoming Pablo Motos Juanma Castaño, a sports journalist for more than 25 years, into the studio, he took the opportunity to ask him about the football greats who had already refused to participate in the famous Cadena COPE “El Partidazo”, of which he was a moderator.

“Pep Guardiola, Carlo Ancelotti, Jose Mourinho” began by saying Juanma, who was interrupted by the presenter upon arriving at the Portuguese coach’s name.

“Don’t talk to me about Mourinho,” Pablo Mutos replied, prompting the guest to ask him what happened between them.

He began by saying, “Mourinho is a liar. And it wasn’t because he didn’t want to be on the show, it was worse than that.” He stressed this by saying, “We all wanted to meet Mourinho and the sports and non-sporting journalists. I wanted to interview him here,” and then revealed the episode that upset him.

“At that time, Justin Bieber came here. This studio has a capacity of 120 people and we have about 20 thousand requests for the audience. They told me that Mourinho wanted his daughter to come with a friend, I replied that I am sorry but confirmed that I have no places ”, realizing that he later received A call from the Portuguese.

“He got my cell number and called me. And suddenly I have Mourinho, whom I could never talk to, on the other end of the cell phone telling me that the father does everything for his daughter. I told him I could get both tickets, but he had to come He even asked me if I wasn’t the best player, and I told him no, I wanted him,” he recalls.

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The agreement was signed, but it ended up not being fulfilled… Jose Mourinho broke his promise and two days before the program went on air, he stopped answering Pablo Mutos’ phone calls.

My deception was one thing, another thing was to let a team of 140 people hang up a program to receive it in 48 hours. He did not answer the calls. When he finally picked it up, he said it wouldn’t happen. He didn’t even call to say he wouldn’t come and he cheated on me. Mourinho is a liar”, ended the Spanish broadcaster, who still has this episode very fresh in his memory.

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