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Special advice for each sign to start the week of April 21 and 27, 2024 – Metro World News Brazil

Special advice for each sign to start the week of April 21 and 27, 2024 – Metro World News Brazil

Another week has begun and we have to finish this stage in the best possible way. Check out some tips that can help:


Bear the obstacles you encounter along the way with integrity and make firm decisions to achieve success in your life. Faithfully seek enlightenment at every step to help you move forward.



There are those who may be affected by the decisions you must make to maintain peace of mind and bring abundance and harmony to your loved ones. Fill your heart with humility and be careful with your words.


Your road to success has been long, but you have already achieved the goal you expected. Help your loved ones if you can do so with generosity and humility. Have the strength, wisdom and courage to face all that is unknown.


You need peace and harmony in your life so that you can find your way and solve your emotional problems so that the blessings of love and success can come to you. Have the strength to resist the temptations of vanity.


Don't be afraid to make decisions and take the step to overcome challenges and achieve the harmony and abundance you deserve. Go ahead and connect with the most sensitive part of you.


Don't let resentment over past situations remain in your heart. Turn the page to move forward and receive the blessings you deserve. Enter the path of forgiveness.


Have patience and tolerance to bear the stress you are experiencing and to be able to help your loved ones progress. Success and abundance depend on your willpower and determination. Protect yourself spiritually.

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You exercise leadership and must direct matters responsibly. It's time for harmony and prosperity. Protect yourself from all negative energies.


Love comes to you as a force to heal you and makes you feel like it's worth the wait. Hope, optimism and progress resumed.


You should act with caution and understand that it will not be easy for others to understand the decisions you will have to make. In your hands peace and harmony for all. Enjoy the gift of wisdom.


There are opportunities that you should not miss, as they are important for achieving success. On the path of humility, you become more aware of possibilities.


Remove from your life what torments you so much and fill yourself with patience, tolerance and understanding to understand that making mistakes is a human thing and a life experience. Take comfort in allies and spirituality in times of dire need.