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Special biathlon story with Ernst and Benita Biefer

Special biathlon story with Ernst and Benita Biefer

Arnd Peiffer introduces himself as a biathlon expert for ARD without any problems. His last name will not disappear from the decision list after he resigns. The reason for this is a young woman from Canada.

Ernst: Benita has the same great-grandfather as Beaver.
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Benita Pfeiffer did not dare to do the entire interview in German. “I like it in English,” says the Canadian, with Östersund smiling friendly in the bitter cold. Unnoticed by the public, the 21-year-old celebrated his World Cup debut, although his last name is very common in the biathlon scene. Pfeiffer? Exactly!

“We have the same great-grandfather,” says Arnt Biefer. Not sure what the relationship to the German Olympic champion is called. “Maybe a third cousin?” However, Arnd and Benita Peiffer’s grandparents’ cousins, Benita’s grandparents once emigrated to Canada. “We’ve met a few times already. There’s regular contact,” says Arnt Biefer. He is also in Sweden this week. The 34-year-old has been in front of the camera in a new role as ARD’s television expert since Thursday, though he ended his career after last season.

“I’m still very nervous before the races”

“I wish her good luck,” says the former world champion of Benita, who entered the Olympic winter of 104, 107 and 87. “I was still very nervous before the races,” he says. He actually started out as a cross-country skier, but then could not find a coach and switched to ski hunting. “I still can’t deal with the pressure.” But she also gets tips from her family. “Arnt is a role model for me and he always helps me,” says Benita: “We write to each other, we exchange ideas.”

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At one point in terms of the game, as Benitez repeatedly said, he would like to follow his “cousin”. “A few World Cup victories and Olympic medals would be fantastic,” says the Canadian, who insisted on a short conversation in German on German television. Arnd Peiffer stood at a distance and watched the conversation.

Although young Benita regrets the two missed each other at the World Cup a year ago, the experienced Pfeiffer did not regret the end of his life a year before the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. “The feeling of a good race is addictive, but it’s not. But I have a lot of other things. Less stress, less time in the summer, less torture,” said the ten-time World Cup winner of the German press. Company.

TV work “long and exciting”

Biefer called his first day on TV his new job “long and exciting”: “It was exciting to watch all the processes of course. It’s new to me, of course.” The five-time world champion and Pyongyang Olympic sprint gold medalist was delighted to see many old friends back in Sweden. “But it’s also good that it’s not every weekend,” Biefer said. He will not stay long at every World Cup, instead he will spend a lot of time with his family. “It’s an absolutely great move. I stick to it a little bit,” says Biefer.

Now Lower Saxon must get used to seeing his longtime comrades critically from time to time. “I’m trying to be very honest, and it’s good. I’m looking forward to their feedback,” says Biefer: “Of course you’re right about what I’re doing.

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He misses it a little, “In the beginning you have to be in good shape, be there and compete with others,” he says, then realistically assesses: “But that too is not possible. Once you stop, you will never get back to that level. But it’s okay.” And the name Biefer will not completely disappear from the end lists for now.