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Spice Girls - New Single.  How have they changed, and how are they now?

Spice Girls – New Single. How have they changed, and how are they now?

Do you remember Spice Girls? Of course

It was one of the most popular female bands of the 90s. Emma, ​​Victoria, Mel B, Mel C and Kerry set the direction not only in music but also in fashion and beauty trends. Teenagers followed the sponges and tried to look like them. Teenagers had a passion for singing to little girls from Great Britain. Do you remember the Spice Girls posters in “Bravo” or “Popcorn” magazines? Those days.

Hard to believe, but this year marks the 27th anniversary of the founding of the Spice Girls band. Emma Bunton, Victoria Beckham (later Adams), Melanie Brown, Melanie Sisholm, and Kerry Horner (later Halliwell) are not in their twenties. They are growing up, changing styles, having husbands and children. The Spice Girls are gone, but the memories of a female band that is loud all the time are still there.

The Spice Girls Group was founded in 1994 under the name Touch. The group consisted of five girls selected for acting. In addition to vocal skills, each of the spies was distinguished by a unique personality and had its own unique style from which their nicknames were derived: Melanie Brown (“scary spice”), Melanie Sisholm (“Sporty Spice”), Emma Bunton (“Baby Spice”), Kerry Halliwell (“Ginger Spice”) and Victoria Adams (“Bosh Spice”). They were not their own idea, but they reflected the characters well.

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That’s how sponges turned out

Want to remember the good old days and see how the women of the Spice Girls band once were? Or you may remember it exactly, but are you curious how Emma, ​​Victoria, Mel B, Mel C and Kerry are today? Visit our gallery.