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Spicy pictures with the man came out - Julian confirms the split

Spicy pictures with the man came out – Julian confirms the split

Spicy pictures of Bianca Claßen are currently circulating on the internet.Image: Screenshot / Instagram / bibisbeautypalace

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Bibi and Julian Klaassen currently have their fan communities at their fingertips: for the first time they did not have uploading days on YouTube, which is the first time in years. Both followers had to do without the new podcast episode, and they no longer posted any new Instagram photos and videos. The silence of the radio without any forewarning caused confusion and anxiety among the fans.

In fact, the couple, who already have two children with Leo and Emily, take followers with them at every step of their daily lives. Bibi and Julian finally re-reported this week – and could not have done it any other way. When Bianca took an arbitrary break and wrote that she is now back, Julian announced: “I do not know if I’m ready to post here as usual.”

It is now clear why Julian said this: First, clear pictures of Bibi were spread with a strange man by her side, she was kissing, and now her husband spoke with a clear statement on Instagram.

Pictures of Bibi Claßen and strangers spread on the internet

A Tic Tac Toe It is currently spreading fast on the internet. The small clip shows two photos of Bibi and her male partner, both of whom may be at a train station, with an ICE behind them. In the first picture, YouTuber puts his hands on his girlfriend’s shoulders and in a moment they kiss.

The creator of Tic Tac Toe quickly checked if the pictures were current – in fact: in the snapshots he has been wearing the same pink nail polish as in the Instagram story since this week. It soon became clear who the stranger on BB’s side was. His name on social media is Timothy Hill. In the clip, including a screenshot of his profile, Julian follows him privately, but his following has now disappeared. Timothy’s profile is now private.

Bibi Klaassen follows him on Instagram.

Bibi Klaassen follows him on Instagram.Image: Screenshot / TickTalk

Bibi is either overjoyed at her parents, or as she was at the hairdresser on Friday. He writes about a boomerang:

“A big change is coming …”

Bibi pointed to a change.

Bibi pointed to a change.Image: Screenshot / Instagram / bibisbeautypalace

Julian confirms the speculation

After more photos of BP with strangers from London appeared, Julian finally said in his story with clear words:

“I’m coming back to you, I really want to put an end to speculation. I will make it brief and painless: yes, it’s true, Bibi and I broke up.”

More precisely, he emphasizes: “BB has split up.” He does not want to say anything more for now and can not say, but the 29-year-old said his children are coming first. Now it remains to be seen how the two will fare. The following applies to him: “I do not know when I will post anything, but I think you understand that I do not have the head for it now.” Finally, he thanked his fans for their encouragement.

Bibi and Julian wanted to renew their marriage vows

Already a few days ago, the first speculation about the split came when Bibi arrived at a shopping spree without her engagement ring and the wedding ring on the finger she always wore. My friend Alexander Kozlovsky on YouTube also said in his Instagram story that there was not the slightest speculation about the split. “They will get married again soon,” he stressed.

This theory initially sounded logical to fans, after all, Bianca and Julian said yes with a little celebration in September 2019. Also YouTube recently explained in a video in December last year that they want to renew their wedding vows: “It’s very important for me to get married again. I was very pregnant at the time. We got married with seven guests. It was very spontaneous.”