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Spicy yacht photo leaked - Bayern coach Nagelsmann loves "Bild" reporter

Spicy yacht photo leaked – Bayern coach Nagelsmann loves “Bild” reporter

Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann was spotted on a yacht in Ibiza with his new girlfriend. Image: SVEN SIMON / Frank Hoermann / SVEN SIMON

And now it’s over: Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann has a new girl by his side. Her name is Lena Würzenberger, and she does a job that is completely unproblematic for her and him: the 30-year-old is a “Bild” reporter in charge of FC Bayern.

In fact, it is until now. Because after knowing the relationship, “BuildWurzenberger will be released from reporting at FC Bayern “with immediate effect,” it announced. This will prevent possible conflict between your personal and professional life.

Interviews with Nagelsmann

Wurzenberger is currently on a short vacation in Ibiza with Nagelsmann, the authors write. In May, the reporter published articles about Nagelsmann and conducted interviews with him.

At the same time as the “BUILD” report, an article was published Thursday night “Game 1“Online, it shows a photo of Nagelsmann and Wurzenberger on a yacht in Ibiza. The photo was reportedly circulated on various WhatsApp groups on Wednesday.

You don’t see much of the journalist on social media. Wurzenberger has set her Instagram account to private and has no updates on her Facebook page. Before the start of the season, when Nagelsmann became the coach of Bayern, ​​​​his first major public appearance was on the football show “Stahlwerk Doppelbass”, where he was invited as a Bayern expert.

Bild reporter Lena Wurzenberger was a guest on “Stahlwerk Doppelpass” last September.Video: YouTube/SPORT1

Nagelsmann: Parting from youthful love became known in June

Neither Nagelsmann nor Wurzenberger wanted to comment on news of their relationship. In early June, it became known that the Bayern coach had split from his childhood sweetheart, Verna. They “lived apart,” Nagelsman said of the marriage at the time.

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Nagelsmann and his wife married in 2018 and have two children together. However, in 2019, the 34-year-old moved from Hoffenheim to Leipzig without his family.


Leroy Sane was Bayern’s first choice for the attacking side in 2019 after the departures of Franck Ribery and Arjen Robben. About 120 million euros were received in transfer fees. However, the deal fell through Because Sane seriously injured his knee at the end of the transfer window. A year later he arrived in Munich for a discounted price of 60 million euros.