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Sporting demands that the audio of the video assistant referee be revealed: “Portugal missed an opportunity to be a leader.” – Sporting

Miguel Braga praises the decision of the International Council

Sporting defeated Visela last Friday as a result of the intervention of the video assistant referee, who warned Rui Costa of a penalty kick committed on Paulinho, a decision that was approved by the referee after looking at the pictures. Despite this decision, the Lions did not like the work of the refereeing team as it validated Vizela’s goal after an involuntary intervention by the Porto field judge, a move that, in the opinion of Leonín’s director of communications, Miguel Braga, should have been nullified. . However, the leader’s main message was a challenge to the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) and more specifically to the Arbitration Council (CA), requesting that the VAR vote be disclosed. “Sporting, in their last two matches, have drawn one and won another due to the intervention of the VAR. In these cases there would be less doubt if we had heard the voice of VAR. In August, the head of the CA FPF, José Fontelas, said CA would follow UEFA guidelines and FIFA that you don’t disclose either. Five months later, the International Board announced that decisions will be transferred even on the field… Portugal missed an opportunity to be a pioneer. In this game with Vizela, we can have the opportunity to see decisions explained in a rational way. I think it’s an existing procedure To stay,” he said on the “Raio-X” show, which is broadcast on Sporting TV.

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To reinforce his point, Miguel Braga gave the example of Sporting’s last two matches to emphasize the importance of VAR. “It is a very clear penalty that Paulinho took, as it was in the last match with Benfica. VAR technology is a tool that has changed football for the better. Portugal has been at the forefront of VAR implementation and VAR audio was the next step.” FIFA now wants to start testing at the World Cup For clubs, and I hope the federation will be keen to implement this because it has allowed us to understand the rationale in making these decisions,” he stressed.

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