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Sporting: Denilson Santos clarifies confusion with police and apologizes

Sporting: Denilson Santos clarifies confusion with police and apologizes

Denilson Santos was called by Sporting officials to explain what happened In the early hours of Tuesday in SetubalAfter he told his version and apologized.

You will recall that the young man was attacked by the police, who suspected him of being one of those involved in stealing a vehicle.

Now, according to Denilson Santos, everything was just a big mess. The young man was with his friends in the small square where he lives in Setubal, when one of them suggested that they go buy something to eat.

Then they took a relative's car and went to a small store, but on the way they were intercepted by the police.

Fearing driving without a license, the driver, a minor, fled, leaving the two other friends in the car. The police then believed the vehicle in question was stolen.

To make matters worse, the young athlete was without identification, leading to the situation that followed.

Given these facts, Denilson Santos admitted the mistake and apologized to Sporting. But the young man violated the club's internal regulations, by being on the street at prohibited times, and is subject to disciplinary responsibility and will miss at least the next match for the U-17 team.

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