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Sporting: Details of the sale of Matthew Nunes to Wolverhampton

Sporting: Details of the sale of Matthew Nunes to Wolverhampton

Sporting has informed the CMVM of the transfer of Matthew Nunes to Wolverhampton for €45 million.

In the statement, the Lions also mentioned that the deal could reach 50 million euros depending on the goals of the English team and the footballer himself. In addition, the green and white logo took up ten percent of the surplus value for future conversion.

Also note the four and a half million related fees for brokerage services.

With stints at Ericeirense and Estoril, Matheus Nunes joined the Sporting squad in 2019/20. 101 games and eight goals After that, the Portugal international moved to Wolverhampton and joined the Portuguese fleet led by Bruno Lage. for the rest, Last night, Wolves announced the arrival of the 23-year-old midfielder.

Sporting’s CMVM statement:

Sporting Club Portugal – Fútebol, SAD (hereinafter Sporting SAD or Sociedade), informs under the Terms and for the purposes of compliance with the information obligation arising from the provisions of Article 17 of Regulation (EU) No. 596/2014, of the European Parliament and the Council of 16 April, The following: 1. Sporting SAD has reached an agreement with WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS FOOTBALL CLUB (1986) LIMITED (hereinafter WOLVERHAMPTON) for the final transfer of sports rights to player Matheus Luiz Nunes, guaranteeing the company the right to receive the corresponding amount of 10% of surplus value for future transfer;

2. Given the transfer, Sporting SAD will receive a fixed amount of €45.000.000 (€forty-five million), as well as a maximum variable amount of €5,000,000 (€5 million), accrued depending on the objectives related to WOLVERHAMPTON’s participation in a football team Football in the Champions League and player participation in matches.

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3 – the costs of mediation services in connection with the above-mentioned transfer amount to €4,454,667.00 (four million four hundred and fifty-four thousand six hundred and sixty-seven euros), plus a maximum variable amount of €494.963.00 (four hundred and ninety-four thousand nine hundred and sixty-three euros);

4. The solidarity mechanism value owed to the third party clubs will be supported by Sporting SAD and WOLVERHAMPTON, on an equal footing.

Lisbon, August 18, 2022.

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